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Are you looking for the best way to get connected with the most up-to-date and effective resources in language education? ACTFLearn中央, ACTFL's hub for best-in-class professional development is your key to finding what you need, 当你需要的时候.

The ACTFLearn中央 platform provides an engaging and accessible way for individuals, 学校, and districts to access a robust set of digital courses that cover important topics in language teaching, 比如 语言学习世界准备标准、技术、课程开发等等.

Members have exclusive access to specific digital courses, 记录网络研讨会, and other unique resources to help educators advance in their careers. ACTFL will continue to develop and provide updated opportunities through the platform. Members can access ACTFLearn中央 via their ACTFL Portal.

ACTFLearn中央 provides a variety of on-demand digital courses available in the ACTFL 商店 for purchase.

  • Explore a wide range of essential language teaching and learning topics that can support you in expanding your skills
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Empowering Learners to Develop Their Language Proficiency

在本课程中, you will be introduced to strategies for empowering your learners and having them lead, 发现, 合作, 采取行动, 为他们的学习做决定, 成长为独立的学习者.

•  Design our instruction to achieve the goal of learners being active agents. 

•赋予我们的学习者权力. We need to shift from an emphasis on teacher-directed activities and move to an emphasis on learner-focused activities.

Certificate of Completion Available for 2 Contact Hours

Neurodiversity: An Overview for World Language Educators (Member Discount Available)Now

This course focuses on neurodiversity in the world language classroom. It challenges the idea that one learning style fits all and emphasizes embracing each student's unique strengths. 本课程旨在:

•  Dismantle the myth that learning differences prevent language acquisition.

•  Empower educators to celebrate neurodiversity and create a more inclusive learning environment.

•  Equip teachers with research and resources to support all learners.

Certificate of Completion Available for 2 Contact Hours

Assisting Heritage Language Learners Using Existing Resources (Free to Members)

The course focuses on how to use differentiated and guided instruction in order to facilitate learning in classrooms consisting of heritage speakers and those with mixed proficiency levels.

本在线课程由Dr. 西莉亚Chomón萨莫拉, ACTFL Director of 专业学习 and Certification, and serves as a brief overview of what current research exists with regards to Heritage Language Learners (HLL) in the World Language classroom. 观看视频


Core Practices for Effective Language Learning (Member Discount Available)

我应该花多少时间学习目标语言? 什么样的反馈是最有效的? How can I use more authentic resources with my students? 

•  This series allows you to gain practical knowledge for designing real-world tasks for your classroom and curriculum.

•  Deconstruct research-based strategies for effectively developing your students’ language proficiency with Dr. 艾琳Glisan.

Certificate of Completion Available for 2 Contact Hours

Culturally Responsive Education in the World Language Classroom (Member Discount Available)

在这个在线课程中, the presenter will introduce participants to frameworks of culturally responsive education and how they connect with world language education. 

•而不是一个行为或知识的清单, this workshop is designed around the belief that critical reflection is a key component of culturally responsive teaching. 

•  Opportunities for critical reflection will be embedded throughout the course, and participants are encouraged to thoughtfully engage in each opportunity as it arises.

Certificate of Completion Available for 2 Contact Hours



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